The Way We Were – Episode 1

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It’s been a long time coming. The long-running live storytelling series, Long Story Short, is now a podcast featuring true stories about love, disaster, and the most embarrassing moments of our lives. The first episode features Gail Knowles, who talks about falling off her motorcycle and falling in love, and Justin Kelcourse, who found himself in a dangerous situation in Paris with his girlfriend, a wheel of cheese, and a lot of regret he had not learned French in high school.

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This whole thing got started in a bar. I was at the Press Room one Saturday night and it was super crowded. And I was making my way across the bar and ran into the director of this new arts venue that had just opened up in town. I told him that the space looked amazing and that, you know, the theater would be a really great spot for a storytelling series.

So he says, “Yeah, that sounds great. Why don’t you put something together?” It’s really kind of perfect in a way that this series was born in a crowded bar now that we’re not doing that kind of thing anymore, right? Long Story Short was meant to be the kind of series and featuring the kind of stories that you would hear in a bar.

They’re going to be told well, but not super polished and rehearsed. And they’re going to be from the kind of people you might find yourself sitting on a stool next to. I wanted to create this series as a place where people could tell those kinds of stories. So I’ve had these recordings for a while and when COVID happened, it just really forced my hand.

And so here it is! A podcast where people can share stories that we’d normally share at a party, or work, or like I said, at a bar. When I started putting together the first episode I knew I wanted to focus on stories that really capture the way we were. Stories about meeting new people, falling in love, flying on an airplane, sitting close together at the movies.

You know, all those things that we used to think nothing of but seem like kind of an enormous luxury right now. So that’s how we got to this episode’s theme, “The Way We Were.”