Disaster – Episode 2

Long Story Short Episode 2 Disaster illustration of a mic


Some disasters are personal and some are more global. On the eve of the 2020 election, this episode explores two kinds of disasters through two styles of storytelling. Featuring Brian Gruhn and Cathy Wolff telling stories recorded live at the 3S Artspace theater in Portsmouth, NH.

Portsmouth Storytelling Opportunities

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Okay. I don’t know how you’ve been feeling for the past few months, but the best way I could describe my mood is essentially constant state of pending disaster. I’m recording this the weekend before the election. Yet, uh, I’m pretty doubtful that this feeling is going to lift miraculously on the morning of November 4th, no matter what happens there. It’s that creeping sensation of disaster around the next corner that is why I picked these two stories.

You’ve got the benign kind of disaster you feel when you’re a teenager and you lack the perspective to know just how little of any of this matters. And then the other story, which is the complete opposite is about as big of a disaster as you could get. I pulled these two together as a reminder that no matter what the disaster, somehow people manage to carry on.