Holidaze – Episode 4

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It’s that time of year! We bring you two holiday stories–one winter one summer–to get you in the spirit. We have stories from Amy Jane Larkin and Austin Sorrette about what happens when friends and family gather together, and Beth talks about what she misses most about getting together for the live shows.

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In this episode

Read the beginning of Austin Sorrette and Amy Jane Larkin’s stories or listen to the entire episode above.

Austin Sorrette

This essay is called “Welcome to the Family.” Smith and I had met in August in 2016 and throughout the month we went from being perfect strangers to absolutely inseparable. We talked about everything together: writing, music, art, love, travel, family. At the end of the month, I was leaving to vacation in Denver with my friends for a week.

The day I was supposed to leave, Sam drove me to the airport so I could catch my flight. And right before she, right before I left, she said, “Don’t forget about me.” “How could I forget you?” I said, “You still owe me for dinner last night.” At the time, I only allowed Samantha to see the polite, dad jokes side of my humor.

Usually my humor is as black and blue as a corpse in a cookie monster costume. She mentioned before I left that during Labor Day weekend, she would be up with her family at her Uncle Bob’s house in Drake’s Island, a small beach town on the coast of York, Maine. She said I was welcome to come up and meet her parents the night I fly back. And I said, yes, without a second thought.

Amy Jane Larkin

I have two quick anecdotes, that I think really quickly illustrate the big business of holidays in my family. When I was 18 months old, my grandmother spent a hundred dollars on a set of pajamas for me to wear for the first hour of her New Year’s party, just to greet guests.

And the second, when I was about five, I woke up on Easter morning uh, and found what I thought to be a monster floating in our bathtub and turned out to be just a really big ham that needed the space for soaking. Um, that ham was to feed maybe 10 people. Uh, my family is small on my mom’s side and that’s who we spent, uh, pretty much every holiday with, um, my mom and I lived with my grandparents most of the time, uh, my aunt and my cousin some of the time and eventually my mom’s second husband, uh, who became my dad. Uh, and that side of my family is huge. Uh, but that’s a story for another time. This story is mostly about what it was like to grow up with my mom’s parents. Uh, my Grammy and Grampy Eva and Sam.