Uh-Oh with Paul Doncaster – Episode 6

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For this episode, Beth does something a little different. She interviews storyteller and author Paul Doncaster about his approach to crafting a story. Paul has been featured in a number of storytelling shows throughout the Northeast, and on this episode, he tells another story about a time he thought he was doing something right but he was oh-so wrong. 

This story was recorded on February 4 and is part of a new, ongoing series of interviews Beth is conducting on different approaches to storytelling.

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In this episode

You can read the beginning of Beth’s interview with Paul, or listen to the full interview above.

Today, I’ve got Paul Doncaster. He’s a proud father of two outstanding young women and one blue tick beagle. He’s also a published author and has been telling stories on the stage since 2016. Some of the places you may have seen him locally are on True Tales Live and on the Long Story Short live show, this September- past September, . He’s also done three moth grand slams and was featured in season one of the PBS storytelling series stories from the stage.

We’re going to talk a little bit today, with Paul about live storytelling and the process of putting a story together and then he’s going to tell a story for us.

All right, let’s get to it. Please welcome Paul Doncaster. Hi, Paul, how are you doing?

Hey, Beth. How are you?

Good. So I was thinking we could start off, just kind of giving us a little bit of background on how you got into storytelling and what sort of made you want to get up on the stage?

Well, like a lot of people I, I started, um, I started storytelling, born out of chaos, personal chaos in life. I have a younger sister who was very active in the local Boston storytelling scene, uh, years ago and I remember going to one of her performances and thinking to myself, “I can do that.”