Fathers and Daughters – Episode 8

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Family relationships are complicated. It’s why so many people bring stories about parents, siblings, children and in-laws to the Long Story Short stage. In this episode, Beth has two stories about the dad-daughter dynamic.

This Episode Features:

Storytellers include Charleen Thorburn telling a touching story that had the audience reaching for the tissues at the March 11, 2020 show, Denial; and Nel Dennett with a hilarious story from the September, 19, 2018 show, What I Thought I Knew.

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In this episode

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This week, we’re going to talk about fathers and daughters. Personally speaking, I’ve been lucky to have a great relationship with my dad. He’s not just a good guy and a good father, but he’s given me a lot of great advice over the years. He instilled confidence when I hadn’t, I had zero confidence in myself.

And he gave me an invaluable gift that has brought me here today: an appreciation for a well-told story. But I know not everyone has had the same kind of relationship with their dad. For some, it’s a relationship of fearful respect. For others, it’s mistrust. Or their relationship might be tinge by loss because for a lot of people I know at this point in my life, their dad is no longer with us.

For this episode, I have two stories from daughters talking about their fathers for better or worse. This first one is from Charlene Thorburn. She is a physician assistant whose stories are some of the series’ most memorable. Charlene is vibrant and funny and so honest. Uh, I just don’t see how you’re not going to love her and her story.