At Your Service – Ep. 12

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The live stories are back! We’ve got two stories about the ins and outs of serving others. Whether it’s the service industry or the health care industry or elder care, it takes a special temperament to provide great service. 

The episode features Dagan Migirditch, co-owner of Liar Bench Brewing Company, based in Portsmouth, NH and Larry Clow, a writer, editor and frequent trivia champion. Both are exceptional writers whose talent shines through in their storytelling style and comedic timing.

Dagan’s story is from the 2015 show “The Waiting Game” and Larry’s story is from the 2016 show “Past Lives.”

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It’s a certain personality to be in the service industry. You have to be able to quickly identify what people want and. Be willing to provide it. If he can’t, you have to have the right kind of diplomacy skills to not only cushion the blow, but if you’re really good at it and make the customer feel like, well, maybe I didn’t really want it that bad anyway.

For this episode, we’ve got two stories about serving others, whether it’s waiting tables or caring for people who no longer can do it themselves. When I decided to pair these two stories together, I don’t know, about six months ago, I thought we were going to be eating outside forever. If you’ve been missing the hustle and bustle of being out and eating out and sitting at a bar and being elbow to elbow with somebody that you love this episode is for you.

We have writer Larry Clough, who appeared on the March, 2016 show past lives. He’s a writer and a former journalist friend of mine , who has a really great sense of humor. And we also have co-owner of liars bench brewing company in Portsmith. Dagon meager ditch who performed at one of the first ever long story.

Short shows way back in 2015. He’s also got a really cool. Kyle and way of constructing his stories. I think you’re really gonna, like both these stories have stuck in my memory as being among my favorites. Cause they’re hilarious. And like I said, there’s a cool structure and the way that they set them up and just in general, they’re, they’re the product of killer writing it wasn’t until recently I realized how similar these two stories from two different shows actually were.

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