We’ve Got Some Big News – What’s Ahead for Long Story Short

Long Story Short
Long Story Short
We've Got Some Big News - What's Ahead for Long Story Short

We’ve got big news, including new episodes dropping this fall and winter. If you’ve been missing stories from us, make sure to check out the new episodes with archival stories from some of the most popular shows, as well as new interviews with writers, photographers, podcasters and even a mystic oracle. There’s more in this little minisode, so make sure to give a quick listen to hear about all we have planned.

While you’re at it, check out the new Long Story Short logo, designed by Amy Jane Larkin, a LSS Advisory Board member and graphic artists with And How, an Arundel, Maine-based 3D animation and graphics design studio. Learn more at: https://madebyandhow.com/

We’ve also got a live show coming up on September 8 at 7pm at 3S Artspace. To get tickets and learn more, give a listen, and then go to https://www.3sarts.org/

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