Being Young – Episode 20

Long Story Short storytelling show logo with microphone episode 20 being young

Youth is wasted on the young, or so they say. This episode explores the way we see the world and the choices we make when we are young.

The first story is from Dylan Haigh, the art director for Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs, from the September 2019 show “Breaking All the Rules.” We first hear Dylan talk about his many arrests as a teen the final arrest which made him reevaluate the path his life was taking.

The episode also features Erin Laplante, of Portland, Maine, who takes us on a hilarious tour of her younger years. Like so many teen girls, she pines for cute boys, yet just can’t seem to nail the cool moves. This story was performed at the 2016 show “Past Lives.”

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Long Story Short is a Portsmouth-based storytelling series hosted by Beth LaMontagne Hall and held quarterly at 3S Artspace. It features storytellers of all levels and has become a local venue for new storytellers to take the stage for the first time. In addition, Long Story Short features published authors, professors, marketing professionals, business owners, bartenders and anyone else who has a good story to tell.

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