Photo Story with Michael Cinquino – Ep. 19

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We explore storytelling, photography and acting in this episode with Michael Cinquino, a photographer and trained actor who splits time between New York and Portsmouth, NH. Michael discusses how photographers help their subjects show their true selves, how he’s learning the craft of filmmaking, and how performing can reveal the true meaning of a piece.

You can check out Michael’s short film, “12 Frames” at

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In This Episode

Want to give a listen? Here’s a segment of the transcript about the show, Michael Cinquino and the upcoming live show at 3S Artspace.

Hello, Beth here. Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome holiday season. Don’t know about you but I am ready for this, for the food and drinks with friends the music. I’ve also got a birthday this time of year and love celebrating that when everyone is feeling all festive. It’s just a great time to reflect as the year is ending on what you’ve done, where you’re going. 

And I think it’s a great time to put out this interview I did over the summer with photographer, actor and filmmaker Michael Conquino. I met Michael because of his interest in storytelling and his pitch for the show was so interesting to me, I invited him to sit down for an interview. Michale pitched a story about how stories transformed his recovery journey — it’s something I’ve heard people say over and over and it’s something I’ve always wanted to dig into more. How does it help why is it so powerful?

And while we talked about that, we also talked about a ton of other stuff, performing, the craft of acting, writing and rehearsing and performing and how that process is so necessary for really getting at the core of a piece.

So if you’re interested in photography, writing, filmmaking, give this a listen bc there’s some good wisdom in here.

And of course, I don’t want to forget to remind everyone in the north of boston, nh, southern maine region to get tickets for the next lss on dec 8 at 3s. The theme is Family Heirloom and we have 4 storytellers who I am so excited for you to check out.

We’ve got Christine Kelly telling a story about loss and courage and the bravery to ask for what you want, centered around the loss of her grandmother and keeping her memory alive.

We have Kate Sheridan, this is her second time on stage and I’m excited to have her back bc she has this interesting way of structuring her stories that is very unique and evocative.

We have Samantha Bradbury-Koster who is getting her MFA at UNH and has appeared on shows like Creative Mornings and TedX and will tell a story about an abusive family relationship.

We have Heather Angell who has done Mass Mouth shows, WGBH’s Stories from the Stage, the show Sound Bites in Brunswick Maine who is going to share how she incorporate her dads memory into her gay wedding.

Tickets are on, and start at $5. The December show is always one of the liveliest and the best, so come join us if you’re in the area.

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