Seasons Change – Episode 18

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Life unfolds slowly. We get sucked up in our day-to-day, with work, school, kids and the latest binge-worthy TV show. Then one day we look around and see that things are completely unlike what we expected. Sometimes it’s when life throws you for a loop, like in Raya Al-Hashmi’s story about reckoning with her father’s absence. Other times, it’s a slow burn, like in Brooke Williams’ story about how the ambitious, artistic 20-something she once was faded into the background as marriage, kids and homeownership took priority. 

In this episode, we examine how “seasons change” in our lives and the ways in which we come to accept the passage of time. Al-Hashmi told her story at the December 2018 show, Family Ties, giving a touching, and at time heartbreaking, overview of what it’s like to deal with the choices of our parents, and the need to have answers. Williams told her story at the March 2019 show, Regrets Only Please, highlighting how age has a funny way creeping up on you and the reminders we get in our 40s about the things we once dreamed of doing, but likely never will.

New live show coming in December in Portsmouth

If you want to catch a recording of Long Story Short live, the storytelling podcast will host a live show in Portsmouth, NH at 3S Artspace. the show, Family Heirloom, will be on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. and will feature five storytellers discussing all manor of family, from disfunction to the absurd. We all need a little laugh at our family from time to time, especially during the holidays. Tickets available here.

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