What Would You Do? – Episode 17

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How are we supposed to act in an extraordinary situation? When logic is telling us one thing, but our hearts say to do another. This episode, all about reactions to strange situations and how to make difficult decisions.

About the stories

The first story, from Ryan Van Dalinda, revisits his time in Los Angeles, trying to make it in show business and finding a different kind of job in the process. From the March 2020 show Denial, Ryan touches on the ways we act foolishly when we want something so bad, and how people in a city of dreams can take advantage.

The next story is from Charlene Thorburn, a Long Story Short fan favorite. This physician assistant talks about the time she volunteered to be a living organ donor, and what was behind her difficult decision not to do it. Charlene told this gripping story at the March 2019 show, Regrets Only Please.

About or Portsmouth Storytelling Series

Long Story Short is recorded live at the 3S Artspace performance space in Portsmouth, NH. The storytellers are not professionals, but are average folks with amazing stories. Head to the homepage for more info on the series and how to sign up to become a storyteller.

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