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2022 Live Shows and Themes

A storytelling podcast that brings you stories recorded live on stage at the Portsmouth, NH music and arts venue 3S Artspace

New episodes launch every two weeks. Here are a few of platforms where Long Story Short can be found.

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What Is Long Story Short?

Long Story Short is a bare-bones storytelling series free of pretense and over-rehearsed monologues. The show throws a mix of professional writers, performers and average folks who have no public speaking experience whatsoever on stage with just a mic and a spotlight to tell a personal story based on that show’s theme. What makes Long Story Short unique is the off-the-cuff feel of many of the stories, including each show’s one open mic slot, aka “the Pink Pumpkin” — not even the host knows what’s going to happen.

Read more about Long Story Short and its five years of storytelling on the Seacoast, “Keeping the story going: Long Story Short celebrates five years of making connections”

2022 Live Storytelling Shows

Out There — March 9
Truth or Consequences — June 8
NSFW: Getting Real About Work — September 14
Growing Pains — December 14

About Beth LaMontagne Hall

Beth LaMontagne Hall is the founder and host of the Long Story Short live show and podcast. She has a background in journalism, working in local, state and national news. Today she is a freelance writer based in Portsmouth. You can learn more about Beth at her company website, Good Content.

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